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I have been to the clinic several times and have had excellent service, communication and advice. They helped me navigate the local hospital system by scheduling appoitnments for me and directing me to the best specialists in the area. Both doctors listened to me and understood the issues I was having and helped me to find a solution to them in an expedient manner. Highly recommend!


Dr. Andrea and her clinic have treated my family for six years. She is so beautiful, one of the most compassionate, comprehensive physicians I’ve ever known. Thank you all for giving us a fighting hope against Luekemia. So grateful. From diagnosis to therapy.

My name is Mo Haneef. In Sept of 2017, I had a very serious accident and was hospitalized for 19 days.
During those days Dr Andrea visited me on the Third day, oh what a beautiful surprise it was to see this caring Doc.She came into my room and told me when you are discharged come to Beach Side Clinic.
I was happy to see Dr Andrea and happy for the message she delivered.I came out of the CIMA on Oct 2 , 2017
in a wheel chair and was taken home.
My first visit to Beach side Clinic ,was 4 days later. On my arrival to the clinic Dr Andrea and her staff was very attentive and caring. I suffered 3 rd degrees burns on both legs and both hands.
The duration of my visits lasted 8 months , every time I visited Beachside Clinic, a picture was taken and sent to Dr Andrea. When Dr Andrea is in beach side clinic , her presence is known by her beautiful smile,. she would ask many questions to the nurses and my self on my progress also an update would be given.
Beach side clinic is a very caring facility with Doctors , Nurses , Lab Techs etc
The duration of rehab at Beach side clinic was free.
Thank you, Dr Andrea.
Thank you beach side staffMuch love,
Mo Haneef

Simply the best!  There is nothing more comforting than knowing that the health of yourself and your family is in great hands and that is what Dr. Andrea and the Beach Side Clinic have done for us.  I sleep better at night knowing that she is there for us whenever we need her.  The Beach Side Clinic has brought peace of mind to everyone in our area, thank you!

What do our smallest patient say?


Dr Andrea and the Beachside Clinic are a godsend!  Being in a remote area in Costa Rica :flag-cr: we are so lucky to have an amazing doctor, who did her internship at Boston Mass General and speaks English. On several occasions my son got hurt and someone on the beach recommended Dr Andrea. This last accident was very serious. I called Dr Andrea and the Beachside Clinic and they were ready for us when we arrived. My son was going into severe shock   Dr Oscar was working that day and Dr Andrea came in. They did an amazing job of stabilizing my son. They administered preventative care by giving my son antibiotics and a tetanus shot. They took X-rays and arranged for an ambulance to the Liberia airport, a med-vac plane, another ambulance in San Jose to take us to Hospital Biblica. When we arrived the surgeon was ready. The Dr in San Jose repeatedly stated what a great job Dr Oscar and Dr Andrea did and how much it helped my son to have the best outcome possible We love our doctors in Costa Rica :flag-cr:

La Mejor Referencia


I am from Canada and chose to have my dental implant done here in Costa Rica. Beach Side Dental Clinic is by far the best experience I’ve ever had at a dentist! Dr. Gazel is very kind and genuine and explained the procedure in great detail. Dr. Ortiz flew in from San Jose just for my surgery. Dr. Ortiz made me feel very comfortable and even made me laugh during the procedure. I believe these two doctors actually care about people’s well being over money. I received a hug instead of a handshake and I left feeling really taken care of. I’m so glad I decided to do this surgery at Beach Side Dental Clinic.


Hoy tuvimos que llevar a mi hijo en esas emergencias de las que los papás no quisiéramos pasar nunca, una caída que terminó en el mentón abierto y unas puntadas y la verdad que muy agradecidos por el trato de las Doctoras @BeachSideClinic. Excelente servicio, muy profesional y rápido. Altamente recomendados por su profesionalismo y atención. Gracias! Y si tienen una necesidad médica y están en Guanacaste no duden de ir a esta clínica cerca, la verdad una tranquilidad!



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